About Meg

Meg Dallas Edwards began her writing career in the independent filmmaking scene in Toronto in the early eighties, writing reviews and creating newsletters for the Funnel Experimental Theatre and Liaison for Independent Filmmakers in Toronto. By the late eighties she was working as a Arts Reviewer for the feminist magazine, Kinesis, in Vancouver, a monthly magazine published by the Status of Women.

In 1992 Meg was writing regularly about computers and the information technology scene for the weekly magazine, Toronto Computes!  She branched into film reviews for the weekly entertainment paper, NOW Magazine, and the weekly publication, Festival Magazine, published by the the Bloor Cinemas.  Edwards also also wrote reviews of the Toronto International Film Festival for the industry magazine, Movie/TV Marketing, published in Tokyo.

In the fall of 1999 Meg published a feature length article in the September issue of Homemaker’s Magazine called ‘Your Child’s Best Shot’, an early article on the controversial topic of the risks of childhood vaccination.

From 2000 to 2011 Meg Edwards’s wrote for the Times and Transcript, a daily newspaper published in Moncton N.B.  As a staff writer Meg covered council reports for six local towns, as well as writing news and feature articles for the business and arts sections.

In 2011, after the newspaper publisher cut all freelance writers, Meg began a blog called Painfully about Me, then shortened it to About Meg.  it is now called Notes from a Sinking Isthmus. Meg’s blogs cover parenting, home schooling, women’s issues, marriage and everything in between.

Meg Edwards recently retired from her position as Script Library Manager for Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre in Sackville, N.B.  Her play Wrack and Ruin was a runner up in the 2020 Notable Acts Theater Festival and had a staged reading. Her second play, Road Kill, was given a staged reading in July 2021 at Live Bait’s New Works Festival.

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