My Sad Couches

I curse my couch. I curse all four of my couches. They say so much about me. Too much. And I am not pleased about what they say. Why can't I have really nice couch, in my lifetime? I am feeling that my deeply held desire for a comfortable good looking couch is heading into … Continue reading My Sad Couches

Loving my Sister

Has becoming a senior citizen mellowed my sister? I honestly dare not write about the good fortune of my sister, as I fear I will jinx it. You know how my family is about OBA (the Old Bitch Above) and her unpredictable ways: 'don't get too comfortable, god knows what is around the corner'. That … Continue reading Loving my Sister

Found: something I wrote for my mother when I became a mother

I was complaining about a photo album that I had inherited. I said to my son, this is not mine, really, I inherited it from my mother when she died. I told him, "her friends made her this album when they gave her a surprise party for her 65th birthday. It is mostly pictures of … Continue reading Found: something I wrote for my mother when I became a mother

Look for Sweetness

Last year as winter approached, we found tiny abandoned babies along the shore when we went for our evening walk. We'd be chatting, and then I'd hear a cry. Was it a bird? We'd pause, step back and listen and there, night after night, was another small, cold, hungry kitten. The first one was under … Continue reading Look for Sweetness

Good Energy

The Christmas season is here and I am very happy that so many of my friends and family are experiencing good fortune and positive changes in their lives. A lot of the people I know seem to have made conscious decisions to make changes and get on to the path of happy self realization. It … Continue reading Good Energy


October 2022 The small spruce and burning bush that we planted in front of my study window have become substantial and gnarled, radiating out from their original plant, allowing for dead in the middle and providing empty hollows for bird nests. Through an open patch in the branches, I can see our small crab apple … Continue reading WONDER

Still changing, still growing, still writing..

Metamorphosis continues! MAY 24, 2015 / MEGDEDWARDS / EDIT An old post from 2015 that I can still stand by. It is true that I still have to edit that novel that I almost finished, but I was, to be honest, happily diverted when I found out how much I enjoyed playwriting! I decided to try playwriting because I … Continue reading Still changing, still growing, still writing..

To the Public Emergency Commission

To the Public Emergency Commission October 20, 2022 The last year of my life shook my world view and changed my political affiliations. I am still waiting to see normalcy return but I suspect we now live in a new world where my individual rights are no longer respected or protected. I am frightened for … Continue reading To the Public Emergency Commission