Metamorphosis – A Mom and a Son and their Transitioning Journey

  JULY 2019 I did love blogging. I liked the way it concentrated my thoughts, how I would plan and quietly pursue a small topic, write, pause, re-read, edit, pause, think, write and wordpress it out into the world.  I was pleased with the writing when I was done, though now I find typos and … Continue reading Metamorphosis – A Mom and a Son and their Transitioning Journey


My Mom’s dying is so gradual that I feel like I am watching a tree return to the earth. She hardly moves now, and Parkinson’s is stealing her voice and her expressions, just as she feared. But if I sit beside her and look into her eyes I know what she is thinking.  Her eyes … Continue reading Mama

Stark January

Are you feeling a bit tense and irritable?  Did you just unfriend someone who annoyed you? Are you reconsidering your job, your marriage, your hair style?  Are you questioning every life choice you have ever made? Do not act on your impulses at this time of the year. Leave your hair as it is. Changing … Continue reading Stark January

A Cuppa

                My friend looked at me with an expression of dismay, “Well”, she said, “I don’t know what to do now”.  I was at a loss too. Her husband was lying dead on the driveway with my favorite scarf jammed between the ice and his grey hair. He … Continue reading A Cuppa