About the Cha Cha Cha Changes

              Everybody's change is different.  But change we do; we do change. Adolescence is the first change. Little children start to morph right before our eyes. Tiny waif like boys fill out, voices dropping, shoulders forming.  Girls grow curves and budding breasts and the chemistry begins.  So we could … Continue reading About the Cha Cha Cha Changes

A Cuppa

                My friend looked at me with an expression of dismay, “Well”, she said, “I don’t know what to do now”.  I was at a loss too. Her husband was lying dead on the driveway with my favorite scarf jammed between the ice and his grey hair. He … Continue reading A Cuppa

Oh, who am I? Whine whine.. same as I ever was…

I have a running commentary in my head that constantly criticizes me, as most people do, I guess. I should fix my hair, not just let it fall wherever it may. I should do stuff to make myself look good. I should iron or wear makeup.  Care more about what I look like. I have … Continue reading Oh, who am I? Whine whine.. same as I ever was…

Wedding Parties, Love and Hypocrisy

We were lounging in my daughter’s shared house in Halifax watching that reality show about women choosing their wedding dresses when one of the young college girls turned to me and asked me directly, “Did you cry when you chose your wedding dress”? I looked to my daughter, is it OK to tell your house … Continue reading Wedding Parties, Love and Hypocrisy