Still changing, still growing, still writing..

Metamorphosis continues! MAY 24, 2015 / MEGDEDWARDS / EDIT An old post from 2015 that I can still stand by. It is true that I still have to edit that novel that I almost finished, but I was, to be honest, happily diverted when I found out how much I enjoyed playwriting! I decided to try playwriting because I … Continue reading Still changing, still growing, still writing..

The Jew, the Fag ‘n the Hag

The Jew, the Fag n' the Hag. That's us. My husband, my youngest son and myself. I'm being 'semi-facetious' but these words do describe a demographic that we individually fit. We can't completely escape this reductionism because it is a part of what makes up our identities. My husband is Jewish, my son is trans … Continue reading The Jew, the Fag ‘n the Hag

Fasting from Muffins and Memes?

Facebook, Instagram, whatnot. It's fun, I suppose. You can keep in touch with friends and family! (or not, and then that's just hurtful) You can keep up with the news! (I am being sarcastic now) And, of course, you can watch endless short videos of meaningless drivel with the occasional cool or funny thing! My … Continue reading Fasting from Muffins and Memes?

Still Born

A multitude of sins, of sorrows, Still Born. What Purpose? My Life. No Purpose. Of Course. I am clean, and full of love. I meant no harm. Glaciers calving, yes. With incremental, exponential effect. A billion eyes following a whale, and her child. Sustain this. Untenable.