Found: Old Poetry

Crazy Kate

My sister, sweet soul,

deer doe eyed beauty.


Vain selfish fancy-

Full lovely girl.

You always laugh until you cry.


I wish you were still,

All there.


Black moth on the fridge,

Fluttering and fragile,

blown in by the storm,

Stark against the antiseptic white.


Shivering, giggling,

Pissing on the white sheets.

Black coal dripping from your mouth.

Large eyes, all pupil, wavering

Between crying and laughing.


You were young and full of fantasy,

All green eyes and sparkle,

Translucent, tendrils,

Drifting and catching,

Stinging and floating.


Falling so lightly

Off a bridge so high.

Not grounded, even then.

Too light hearted to die.

Rising again, hardened and confused.


Lady, light, you are floating away

And leaving your angry bitter body with me.

Killing your sweet self.


4 thoughts on “Found: Old Poetry

  1. thanks for this meg.. I also have a poem about Kate… from the era when she called her psychosis Zoe. I will share it with you when I find it.


  2. she’s out of the hospital mom says,
    dropped by the other day, but refuses to see her,
    punishing me mom thinks, but for what?
    for me
    it’s hard to reconcile my childhood playmate,
    with the woman who snarls at me while stealing from mom,
    hard to watch my sister wrangle with the devil in her head,
    and know, i can never help.
    hard to give up on someone who is still there hurting and struggling.
    your poem made me cry,
    one more weep over sister Kate


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