Fall and Fifty

Autumn swings in slowly,

a flirt, with his flashy colours and moody looks.

We sense winter and slowly release summer.

The hydrangea blushes rosily, the fat blossoms white on her underbelly

and pink and magenta where they have been kissed by the sun.

Early morning is grey and petulant,

but gradually the sun will transform the day.

A cold wet morning will become a hot steamy afternoon.

In university days I would strip off my thick black tights

and pare down to bare legs.

As a young mother I would strip off tiny jackets,

protecting soft childish heads with hats and dabs of sunscreen.

Today I wear hats before I need them and rarely expose myself.

Animals age and weather, trees grow thick bark.

I have dark glasses, hats and scarves.

I could leave the house today with no coat and no hat.

But it will be too cold at first, and then too hot.

Hard to fool this old flirt at her game.

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