Happy times with my Daughter

Remembering my first born child and and wishing I could fly out west for her 22nd birthday – An update on her life: she ran an excellent and popular computer camp with her partner and now is writing for a living. As autumn approaches I always think of my euphoric days of becoming a new Mom. This was my true calling and nothing has made me happier. Best wishes to my grown girl on her birthday September 5th!

Notes from a Sinking Isthmus

Treat. Yo. Self.

This was my daughter’s mantra on my weekend visit into Halifax, the city of students.

For us, a brunch out, a day of shopping and a dinner out were the extent of our madness, but was it was great to do whatever we wanted and take all the time we wanted eating and talking.

What could be more fun than spending time with a beloved child who has grown into a magnificent adult?

We even traded roles at one point as she led me through a maze of malls in order to catch our second bus to the destination mall. I needed to pee and I was hot and tired, and started moaning about how we could have just stayed in the North End and looked at the second hand shops.

She wisely paid no attention to me, made a short stop into a chocolate shop where…

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